Your adrenaline will be pumping on Fantasy’s South Africa RV tour!  If you’re hunting for a rare and exotic RVing experience, search no further. Your quest is finished.

 WARNING…This page is full of exclamation marks!  There is simply no other punctuation which is appropriate for such an awesome journey! Start by taking a peek at the thrilling video below!

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Envision yourself, for almost a month and a half, being immersed in the spellbinding and magical continent of Africa!. What images does your mind conjure up as you think about an RV Africa Safari? Untamed animals? Virgin forests? Ancient Cultures? Immense, uninhabited lands? Certainly, those are part of the landscape, but you can also expect mountains, caves, ocean views, penguins–yes, penguins, fine wines, exquisite meals, and extravagant resorts. After all, Africa is full of surprises!


You’ll see the magnificent legendary wildlife of South Africa–up close. You’ll visit famous wineries, native villages, experience the fascinating culture and take Safari drives through 10 National Parks and 11 Big Game Preserves. All in all, there are 70 events and tours. Fantasy’s professional Wagonmasters will escort you, a South African mechanic travels with the group and you are provided with a cell phone.

Your journey begins in one of the most multicultural cities in the world; Capetown. It’s the provincial capital of the Western Cape of South Africa and hosts a picturesque harbor on the beautiful shore of Table Bay. It’s backdrop? Table Mountain which is often dressed and draped with a clouded tablecloth. All which you can see on your unforgettable trip aboard the Table Mountain Cable Car!

Today marks the special time when you pick up your fully equipped RV and begin making your way eastward along the coastline and around the southernmost tip of the continent, to the interior and then northward along the eastern shore of the Indian Ocean. Keep in mind… Your trip has only just begun!

Wondering what kind of RV parks to expect? Don’t be concerned. Fantasy’s decade of providing Africa RV Tours ensures you’ll have the very best. Clean, modern, well-equipped sites. Some campgrounds have suites and swimming pools! And, you’ll be especially delighted with the care and attention that Fantasy has given to the details as you camp by the Indian Ocean and enjoy a meal while watching the thundering waves break only a few feet from your site!

Yes, you’ll have up-close encounters with “The Big 5”… Elephants, Water Buffalos, Rhinos, Leopards and Lions, oh my! Plus tons of other exotic animals, all in the comfort of your RV or in a private chartered Safari Land Rover. In Kruger National Park alone there are 147 mammal species, 507 bird species and we camp right in the park. Be sure to have your camera ready and charged! Not only will you want to take pictures of these fabulous creatures, but you’ll want to take pictures of the amazing sunsets you’re going to experience, too! …And the local Craddock dancers. …And the Zulu dancers. And, speaking of experiences… How about a balloon ride over a Game reserve or an elephant ride? What’s on your bucket list?

This life changing South Africa RV Tour comes to an end in Johannesburg. You’ll have two final, glorious days to tour the famous city, visit the majestic Voortrekker Monument which commemorates the history of this region and the highlight is a visit and tour of the home of Nelson Mandela. Haven’t had enough? Let’s continue onto to Zambia to see the largest waterfalls in the world. You will definitely want to add on Fantasy’s amazing  4-day Victoria Falls excursion as your grand finale to this once in a lifetime trip. Click here for more on Victoria Falls.